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TAU Trust webinar: The Curious Robots of Dr. Goren Gordon

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What is curiosity? Can robots be curious? Join Dr Gordon and his unique robots for a peek at Tel Aviv University's Curiosity Lab.

TAU Trust webinar:

The Curious Robots of Dr. Goren Gordon

Sunday 18 April 2021 at 5pm (UK)


What is curiosity? Can robots be curious? Using neuroscience research, a new mathematical model of curiosity has emerged. This model is implemented in robots that learn by themselves about their own body, objects in their environment and people interacting with them. In this talk, Dr Gordon will present the amazing work done in Tel-Aviv University’s Curiosity Lab and explain how curious robots learn to behave like curious children and how they can be eventually used to assess and promote curiosity in children.


Goren Gordon is the head of the Curiosity Lab in Tel-Aviv University. He has six academic degrees, including a PhD in Quantum Physics and another PhD in Neurobiology. Gordon also developed Quantum Computer Games, published "The Quantum Matrix", a popular science book for all ages on quantum physics, and has a teaching certificate from MIT.


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18th April 2021 5:00 PM   to   6:00 PM

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